2013 - MAValanche Invitational Swim Meet

2013 MAValanche Invitational Swim Meet
01/19/2013 to 01/21/2013


Meet Results Posted!


Notes from the Admin Team: 

1.  The meet is held on SATURDAY (19TH), SUNDAY (20TH) AND MONDAY (21ST)... I made the mistake of calendaring the meet as a Fri-Sun meet.... Hopefully you haven't made the same error.  Please make sure your families are aware as well.


2.  Due to the # of swimmers entered, we will swim 8 lanes (lanes 2-9) instead of 10.


3.  Eligibility - Age as of SATURDAY, January 19th is the eligibility rule.


4.  The 400 Free is really the 500 Free


5.  Distance events rules on Page 3.  The days/dates are incorrect:

              a.  1650 - should be Saturday, Jan 19th

              b.  Check in for the 500 Free - should read  "Check in for the 500 Free will close one half (1/2) hour after the POSTED start of finals on SATURDAY, January 19th, 2013.

              c.  Check in for the 400IM - should read, "Check in for the 400 IM will close one half (1/2) hour after the POSTED start of finals on SUNDAY, January 20th, 2013. 


6.  There will be a 15 minute break after the conclusion of prelims before the beginning of the 1650s on Saturday - it appears that we will only have 1 heat combined (5 swimmers total).


7.  Scratch Procedures:  

            a.  Scratch rules are located at 207.11.6 in the 2013 USA Swimming Rulebook.

            b.  The Scratch box will close one half (1/2) hour after the POSTED start of finals on Saturday and Sunday for the next day's preliminary events.

            c.  Swimmers are responsible for scratching in accordance with the national scratch rules.  

            d.  A swimmer that fails to report for a finals event in which results are posted will be barred from the remainder of the meet.  

            e.  Failure to report for a preliminary swim eliminates the swimmer from further preliminary competition that day.  If the swimmer qualified for finals in an event prior to their "no show" during preliminary competition, that swimmer will still be eligible to swim in finals (if qualified) for that event.  

            d.  The 3rd paragraph of the scratch procedure is being eliminated.  

            e.  A $20.00 monetary fine will be assessed for failure to report for finals on Monday night.


8.  Combining events:  Because there were less swimmers than predicted and the timeline is already relatively short - I am not combining events in order to allow for adequate rest periods for swimmers.  The exception to this is events 1 & 2 (the 1650 - as there are only 5 swimmers enrolled and it takes place in its own session) and events 69 & 70 (as there are only 3 swimmers total swimming in that event - 1 male swimming alone).  I reserve the right to alter this decision if we are somehow impacted by a longer than anticipated timeline.


I hope these clarifications make sense.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!  We look forward to seeing you in Grand Junction this weekend!


The Psych Sheet has been posted.

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