Montrose: Day One Results

Day one results are posted for the Montrose Meet on the meet page.

Montrose: Heat Sheets and Timeline Posted

Heat sheets and timelines are posted on the Montrose Meet Page.

In addition, the warmup times for the Sunday pm session have been moved up 45 minutes - starting at 10:45am instead of 11:30am. This will allow the meet to finish sooner and let the swimmers and families get home quicker. New warmup times are also posted on the meet page.

Cortez: Long Course Time Trial Information

The meet information and template are posted on that meet page.

From Debbie Krill - Cortez:
The entry deadline is Monday the 8th so if you can send me a file by then it would be great - but I will take late entries until Thursday noon and will seed the meet on Friday morning and send you heat sheets - we will also take deck entries.

Warmups start at 9am and meet starts at 10am. We won't have our camping area set up for this one but email me if you need help with that. We are running 5 lanes so no Lane 1 because of the slide.

We will offer additional 50 free's at the end of the day if requested.

WSL Champs: Templates Posted

The templates for the WSL Championships have been posted on the WSL Champ Meet Page. There are two - one for the 8 and under session (Yards) and one for the rest of the meet (Long Course Meters).