2015-11 - Montrose Marlin Fall Open

Montrose Marlin Fall Open
11/07/2015 to 11/08/2015

We have revised the warm up and start times for the meet to ensure the most sleep and travel time for you. Here is the revised schedule (the detailed lane assignments are shown in the attachment):


Saturday, November 7th

Session 1 – 10& Unders

   Warm Up Time: 10:30-11:00am;11:00-11:30am

   Meet Start Time: 11:40am

Session 2 – 11& Overs

   Warm Up Time: 1:45-2:25pm; 2:25-3:05pm

   Meet Start Time: 3:15pm

Session 3 - Immediately Follows Session 2

Saturday, November 7th

Session 4 – 10& Unders

   Warm Up Time: 7:30-8:00am; 8:00-8:30am

   Meet Start Time: 8:40am

Session 5 – 11& Overs

   Warm Up Time:10:30-11:10am; 11:10-11:50am

   Meet Start Time: 12:00noon

Session 6 - Immediately Follows Session 5

Meet Information: 
Meet Template: 

2015-10 - Ned Mechling Memorial Aspen Invitational

Ned Mechling Memorial Aspen Invitational
10/17/2015 to 10/18/2015

Note from Elaine:

1.  Warm-up lane assignments.  Aspen will warm-up early both days in order to provide lane space for the rest of the attendees.

2.  Meet programs for Sessions 1 and 3 - they are also posted on Meet Mobile.  Remember we will not be selling heat sheets for parents/spectators, so forward to your teams as you need to.  We will print them for coaches.

3.  Psych sheet for Session 2 - Remember this is a positive check-in session.  Check-in should occur by 2pm on Saturday.

4.  Sessions report.  We will have an open warmup for 15" after the conclusion of Session 1 for the distance events.

Please review with your swimmers how to do the over top starts.  We will have a second set of stopwatches to facilitate this (thank you Mavs!!) 

Also, please have your swimmers behind the blocks ready to swim as we won't be checking for them.  Please have your 8&unders go to the heating area (under the stairwell) to facilitate getting them to the blocks on time.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!  travel safely!!  See you on the pool deck!

Meet Information: 

Aspen Meet Closed

Aspen is not longer accepting entries to their October meet. They have exceeded their entry limits.

Officials Clinics at Swimposium

Colorado Swimming is pleased to announce clinics to be presented at this year's Swimposium.  The Swimposium will be held on Saturday, October 10th, 2015 at the Ramada Inn in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  (124 W. 6th Street, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601)

The following officials' clinics will be held:

  • Stroke and Turn - come learn about the new rules interpretation of the freestyle pullout in the IM events from Bryan Carr and Steve Pope.
  • Starter - Robert Scandary and Kevin Curry will show us techniques to use in providing swimmers with their absolute best starts!
  • Deck Referee - Are you new to this position?  Or just want to learn more about how to advance in your role?  Come discuss and hear Lee Lierz and Terry Kidd present this position.
  • Admin Official - interested in the "dry" side of swimming?  Learn how to become an administrative official (get the best seat in the house!) from Linda Eaton and Dale Ammon.

All of these clinics will be held from 1:00 - 3:30 in different conference rooms.

At 3:30, all officials are invited to dialogue with Kathleen Scandary and Scott Powell on the role of the Chief Judge.  This position is not used very often, but is extremely important when running a larger meet.  Kathleen and Scott will share their insights and wisdom. 

We hope to see you all there!

House of Delegates Meeting

We ask all teams please send a couple of people to the Colorado Swimming House of Delegates Meeting. It is being held on the Western Slope in Glenwood Springs on Sunday, October 11th at 9:00am. Our WSL meeting will be held right after this meeting.

Location:  Glenwood Springs, Ramada Inn
124 W. 6th Street
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

2015-07 - WSL Champs

WSL Champs
07/17/2015 to 07/19/2015

We look forward to seeing you all in Grand Junction this weekend!  

Attached are the psych sheets for both the 8 & Under session and the LCM meet.  I will seed the meet on Thursday afternoon.  

Please note that even though the 50 events do not have time qualifications, they must still have a time to enter that event.  Please review the psych sheet and send me a verifiable time for the events that have NT's.  

All warm-ups will be open lanes.  Each warm-up session (except for Friday morning) is 50 minutes long.  Please work together to determine the best use of lanes.  Friday afternoon will be the most crowded with about 20 swimmers per lane and then it reduces significantly for the later sessions.

Team volunteer assignments are attached.  All teams will work together to help run this championship meet.  Please arrange parent volunteers for positions assigned to your team.  

Heat sheets for the 8 & under event will be for sale for $1.00 at the meet on Friday morning.  Programs for the rest of the meet will be for sale for $6.00 which will include all session heat sheets.

We are looking forward to a great weekend.  Please let me know if there is anything you need!

Meet Information: