2015-10 - Ned Mechling Memorial Aspen Invitational

Ned Mechling Memorial Aspen Invitational
10/17/2015 to 10/18/2015

Note from Elaine:

1.  Warm-up lane assignments.  Aspen will warm-up early both days in order to provide lane space for the rest of the attendees.

2.  Meet programs for Sessions 1 and 3 - they are also posted on Meet Mobile.  Remember we will not be selling heat sheets for parents/spectators, so forward to your teams as you need to.  We will print them for coaches.

3.  Psych sheet for Session 2 - Remember this is a positive check-in session.  Check-in should occur by 2pm on Saturday.

4.  Sessions report.  We will have an open warmup for 15" after the conclusion of Session 1 for the distance events.

Please review with your swimmers how to do the over top starts.  We will have a second set of stopwatches to facilitate this (thank you Mavs!!) 

Also, please have your swimmers behind the blocks ready to swim as we won't be checking for them.  Please have your 8&unders go to the heating area (under the stairwell) to facilitate getting them to the blocks on time.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!  travel safely!!  See you on the pool deck!

Meet Information: