2014-07 - Montrose Marlins Summer Open

Montrose Marlins Summer Open
07/11/2014 to 07/13/2014


  • Change in Warm Up Times

In order to maximize sleep on Saturday and to get you home as early as possible in Sunday, we have adjusted the warm-up times for this weekend. Attached is not only the revised warm up times, but also the lane assignments for warmups.


Friday - Warmups: 12:30pm, Meet Starts: 2:00pm
Saturday AM - Warmups: 7:45am, Meet Starts: 8:55am
Saturday PM - Warmups: 11:30am, Meet Starts: 1:00pm
Sunday AM - Warmups: 7:00am, Meet Starts: 8:10am
Sunday PM - Warmups: 10:45am; Meet Starts: 12:15pm

  • Change in Heat Sheet Distribution and Request for Scratches Up Front and ASAP

We are going to try to eliminate the empty lanes that come along with a meet. We also realize that not publishing heat sheets for our younger swimmers causes undue chaos. So this is what we will do:


For the 10&Unders AM Sessions – We ask for any and all scratches by Thursday at noon. I will then seed the meet and publish heat sheets for email distribution and posting on the web (montrosemarlins.org and westernslopeleague.org) by Thursday evening. The seeding will not change at that point.


For the 11&Over Sessions (Friday PM, Saturday and Sunday PM) – We will not seed the meet until before the start of each session. Heat sheets will not be available for printing for parents, but will be available for a very nominal cost before each session. Heat and lane information will be available for free on the Meet Mobile app. We will be asking for all scratches 1 hour before the start of each session. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be courteous and scratch your swimmers who will not be swimming. If you know of scratches before Friday, please email me. We will be seeding the meet one hour before the start of the meet and expect no empty lanes – barring life and limb emergencies.


  • Officials’ Clinic on Saturday

There will be a starters, stroke and turn and administrative official training on Saturday! The more the merrier! For more information , please contact Elaine Gerson - emgerson@yahoo.com .

Meet Information: 
Meet Template: 

2014-07 - Western Slope Championships

Western Slope Championships
07/18/2014 to 07/20/2014

Meet Information and Template are now posted!

Please also know that Noodles and Company is sponsoring us for the first day of the meet - they are providing ALL of our athletes with a free noodles bowl (Buy one, get one free), as well as giving us a great deal on lunch for the hospitality room.  They would love to see our swimmers eat at Noodles while they are in Grand Junction, and are willing to help with any size order your team might have. Please see the attached flyer.  



Meet Information: 

Officials' Clinics at Montrose Meet

Kevin Curry and Elaine Gerson will be offering the following clinics at the Montrose Meet (place TBD)

SATURDAY - July 12

Stroke/Turn - 9-12 - for revert as well as new stroke/turn officials

Starter 1-4pm - for new starters

Admin Official (with Cami Kidd) 1-4pm - for new admin officials

The official clinic will be held at the Montrose County School District Main Office - Outdoor Classroom location. (The classrooms are not outdoors as the name suggests). This location is within 1/4 mile from the pool.

To get to these classrooms, from the Montrose Aquatic Center, go south on Rio Grande less than 1.4 of a mile and take a right on Apollo Drive. At the T in the road right in front of the bus barn, take a right. Cross over the walking path and bear left toward the Montrose School District Main Offices.

Follow the parking lot to the end of the main offices and take the little dirt road at the end of the parking lot down the little hill. The outdoor classrooms are at the bottom of the little hill nestled in among the few trees in Montrose.

A very rudimentary map is attached...


Peak Week Training Camp

The roster has been finalized for Peak Week Training Camp 2014. Please talk to your coach; we have given them all the information. We have been able to accept 42 swimmers from 9 teams across the league. Should be a great week of training and making new friends. Attached is the schedule for the camp and the Athlete Code of Conduct which needs to be signed and returned.